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The Syndication path to success.

DatSyn is the breakthrough data syndication and content sharing tool that allows you to effortlessly distribute content to numerous social media platforms, news platforms, and other media channels as well as third-party sites using just one application. No need to log in numerous accounts. It is a convenient time- and effort-saving service—a must-have for every busy marketing professional entrepreneur advertiser media writer public relations officer teenager valuing his or her time while staying ahead in the social game.

Who We Are

You may have composed a very impressive product article or service description blog that will surely fire up the interest of your site visitors worldwide. You have painstakingly created a press release that would make your company the darling of the media. You have been innovative, and you’ve done your company proud.

NOW comes the hard, tricky, tiresome part—spreading your content all over the Internet (content submission). To do that, you need to:

  • log in to hundreds of different accounts on PR distribution sites, social networking sites, news channels, forums, directories, and other social media tools
  • copy-paste your text, wait for long minutes for your files to upload, or incorporate HTML codes to put your link
  • search for platforms, directories, and distribution sites

All these tasks are time-consuming and boring.

With different systems for different platforms, it will take you most of the day to complete a fraction of the distribution. The task entails a lot of time and effort that could have been spent in doing the more important tasks of your business operation. In fact, it is distributing your content—not the writing, not the planning—that eats up the bulk of your time and effort in online marketing. You are spending most of your time chained in the distribution process—instead of living your life.

Now with the DATSYN syndication software and content submission tool, we have a solution to that distribution problem. Share your classified ads, downloadable files, links, and other content quickly, easily, and conveniently. With just one simple click of a button, what you insert in DATSYN will be promptly distributed to news media network platforms, directories, forums, PR distribution sites, third-party websites, and popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and many more...

  • No more logging in to numerous accounts
  • No more copy-pasting your content several hundred times
  • No more delayed updates and postings
  • No more headaches and frustrations
  • No more hassles

What normally took you several hours or days NOW requires no supervision at all.

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