A Simply Way For Homeowners To Save On Their Annual Home Maintenance Costs

A Simply Way For Homeowners To Save On Their Annual Home Maintenance Costs

January 05, 2014 (datsyn.com) - One of the many preventative maintenance tasks homeowners conduct each year is having their chimney swept. This is both a costly and dangerous job—which can be almost eliminated with a simple alternative.

Homeowners who have a fireplace must invest in an annual inspection to ensure their fireplace does not have any cracks, blockages, pest infestation, or too much creosote buildup. While the annual inspection is a must have to ensure that your chimney is sound, it often leads to an additional expense of having the chimney swept too.

Having a chimney swept costs an average of $400-$600 if done professionally. Having a chimney swept is recommended once the creosote buildup has reached 1/8” buildup—and sometimes even if less than 1/8”. A buildup of creosote increases your risk of a dangerous chimney fire that can spread throughout your home. While sweeping a chimney is something homeowners can do themselves, it is a dangerous job requiring homeowners to clean from the rooftop—and too vital to the safety of your home to worry whether or not it is done properly.

“While there is no way around the annual inspection and the need to repair internal damage, homeowners can reduce the frequency of chimney sweeping—or eliminate it all together with our easy to use chimney sweeping logs.”

Chimney sweeping logs are a non-toxic way to minimize the flammability, thickness, and weight of creosote that accumulates along chimney walls. Prior to using chimney sweeping logs it is vital to ensure that your roof is free of any cracks or damages—which can be determined during an annual inspection.

“For just a fraction of the cost of having your chimney swept by a professional, and without any of the danger of climbing on your roof to do it yourself—you can purchase chimney sweeping logs and remove creosote buildup in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner.”

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