Here's how to stay in Bangkok - Free!

Here's how to stay in Bangkok - Free!

June 30, 2015 ( - Share the launch page and earn a free stay in Bangkok, Thailand.

Social media might be able to introduce you to a certain number of people, but if you want long-lasting relationships, you need to know and believe in the people in your network. To establish that level of trust and friendship, meeting in person is a must.

GetTogethers LLC (GetTogethers) is about to launch their new web platform and app that purportedly will encourage a new form of networking in which people can discover things to do online, and then have fun and meet people offline.  They state that they’ve developed the perfect mix of face-to-face and digital where each makes the other stronger.

In order to kick-start their launch they created a new launch page that will allow you to register for updates. That launch page is

On the launch page, you will find a very impressive share program that awards a free stay for up to 10 days in Bangkok, Thailand for people that share and encourage their friends to follow the launch. The free stay is available on a first come, first serve basis so make sure you don’t miss out!

Check out their launch page for more details at:

Contact Details:

Name: Michael Cruz
Position: Media Contact
Company: GetTogethers LLC
Country: Thailand
Contact No.: 713 534 7424