The Wedding Travel Expert brings a Travel Portal to the Wedding Industry

The Wedding Travel Expert brings a Travel Portal to the Wedding Industry

August 16, 2015 ( - Wedding Planners can now become a Representative or Certified  to earn extra money on travel services.  Brides can join The Bride Network to receive discount travel services for a lifetime.  We currently have over 10,000 Brides using our program and we are getting more each week.  

Business Development Director Karen White states we are on the fast track, with Sales reps in each state, training programs going into the colleges and Wedding Planners on the rise we are on our way.

The challenge set by the owner is that our goal is to have 250 Sales Reps nationwide by Spring 2015 and at least 76 by the end of the year.  We have developed the Certified Wedding Travel Expert© program along with a WTE Representative and Certified Associate Program©. As you know, the wedding travel business is a billion dollar global industry with a broad ranging age, lifestyle and disposable income demographic.  The research we have gained describes a client who is increasingly looking for quality services that have been consolidated into one single point of contact from highly trained professionals. Our collective clients have an ever evolving demand for the services we provide and expect our products and services to evolve with them.

Consequently we have aligned ourselves with highly respected industry experts and strategic partners to develop this unique premium online e-education and industry services platform that gives our Certified Wedding Planners the coveted ability to seamlessly provide ala carte or a full suite of air travel, hotel accommodations, vacation rentals, villas, ground transportation and local concierge style services to the discriminating client no matter their budget.  With WTE, you do not have to be a licensed travel agent to provide flights, hotels, rental cars, vacation rentals, luxury travel and transportation to your clients. All you do is refer the bride and get paid!

As a Certified WTE Associate and Certified WTE Level 1 and Level 2, you can set your business on a level far above the rest and boost your income by providing consolidated services and additional benefits. This prestigious honor will open many doors for your business and establish it as the premier choice in your client’s minds but will also provide you the opportunity to be featured in our national magazine.

It’s really simple! Just send an email to Choose your education and service program, preferred method of payment, (payment plans are available) and we can get you started today. Please call 702-517-5874.

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