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Benefits To Make The News!!

First things first …


The Benefits For You And Your Business To Make The News

It’s affordable! In fact, it’s FREE publicity. There’s no marketing budget required, no spending thousands or hundreds of thousands on ads.

Credibility – it gives you third-party credibility and endorsement, unlike an ad.

Regular coverage means you become the ‘go to’ expert in your industry. This can lead to lucrative opportunities such as paid speaking gigs and joint ventures. Your products and services become synonymous with your field of expertise, leading to more clients, leads and sales.

You can reach a range of different types of people or ‘markets’.

You can get in front of a lot of people, fast and for free. Media gets you ‘out there’ much faster than social media.

The media shapes society and cultural thinking – you want to be part of that.

The more media coverage you get, the more you get. Journalists consume other media so when they see your name comes-up, they’re more likely to feature you.

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