Article Marketing for Website Promotion and Backlinks

Article Marketing for Website Promotion and Backlinks

Website Promotion and Backlinks

As a method for promoting your newly-minted website or blog, the search engine optimization technique of article marketing has few peers. Merely setting up your content isn't enough; you must employ a suite of techniques to drive traffic to it. Blog commenting, banner advertisements and proper HTML tags on-site are great ways; but article marketing establishes you as an expert in the field and makes you more trustworthy. This will aid you greatly if you end up using article marketing to build a loyal list of subscribers.

Benefits from Organic Search

Even though article marketing falls under the umbrella of search engine optimization, it doesn't attempt to fool search engines in an inorganic way to get visitors to read. All it does is give your content a chance to make it partway up the line, so that it can get a chance to be seen. The people who read it simply can't be fooled by the content; if it's good and serves a need, then they will be compelled to follow your backlinks back to your homepage and check out your service or product.

In keeping with the above attributes, article marketing is an excellent way to get backlinks. Your link-building efforts are rewarded in a successful article marketing campaign in two significant ways: the search engines and visitors. In the first way, the search engines crawl your links from a highly-ranked article directory; and, if you have enough quality submissions to directories on different domains, then your blog will climb up through the rankings, from page 120 (or wherever it was), to perhaps page 50, with just a little work, assuming your keywords aren't terribly competitive and you have at least ten articles out there. From then on, it becomes easy to gauge just how many more you will need, as you make incremental progress through the results pages. The goal is to land on the first page; maybe even the first results, which will cause your earnings or clicks to skyrocket.

The second way article marketing works is the main reason why you should always craft good articles: human readers. The people who find your articles are already looking for them, which is why they have found them in the first place. It only makes sense to take advantage of this perfectly-targeted traffic by delivering precisely what your captive audience wants. When you can accomplish both ends to maximum effect, you will be pleased with the results in just a few short weeks as your traffic goes from a trickle to a veritable flood.

Linkbuilding: The Proper Placement

In article marketing, it is always important for good SEO to place your links in the resource box; avoiding the body text. Studies observe that people simply don't want to be blatantly advertised to while reading; but don't at all mind checking out the resource box at the end of the information. The mantra you should take to heart as a beginner is "Content is King", because then you'll never lose sight of your number one responsibility: to inform or educate. Visitors who have fulfilled the information need from your article are much more likely to follow any backlinks to your page for more information; better, they'll be relatively open to purchasing a product or service. After all, they chose to follow your link back, and weren't coerced or blatantly bombarded with a call to action before they'd even been informed yet.

Lastly, article marketing can have benefits far outstripping any other form of online advertising. There are many article directories that have been around since the very beginning of the World Wide Web, and still host some very popular authoritative posts in their databases, where they continue to get great streams of traffic. This source of backlinks can persist into the far future if it is well-written and relevant to static keywords. And because article marketing need not cost anything financially, or very little if you decide to use certain tools to help streamline the process, it can end up being a source of passive income for the knowledgeable blogger.



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