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Why David Cameron Lost The BREXIT PR Battle

Scarcely a year after a triumphant general-election victory, British Prime Minister David Cameron is already on his way out of office following an epic miscalculation that on Thursday resulted in U.K. voters opting to leave the European Union.

Prime Minister David Cameron gambled big and lost by offering U.K. folks an opportunity to choose by referendum if they want to stay or rather exit the EU. Cameron in effect became collateral damage in the PR battle he lost big time as he had to resign as Prime Minister.

Why Did The Pro BREXIT Camp Win

With simple one-liners Boris Johnson and UKIP leaders like Nigel Farage conducted a campaign of deception, but still where able to defeat the EU supporting camp, headed by PM David Cameron, like neophytes.

The Pro BREXITERS ruse Cameron to an open PR battle of popular resentment against the EU and he just fought back with the same crude slogans, instead of directing the focus on the positive subjects of being part of the European Union.

If you have such a great project like the EU in front of you and you are unable to vend people on the beneficial aspects of the task, you are plainly not the right person to take on such a combat.

Cameron lost the fight because he just increased ambiguity against the EU with the UK populace by giving in the disparagement. He was incapable of turning peoples’ attention on the countless achievements of this unique political community project and the Britain handed him the notice on the ballots.

The next EU-Exit battles already rise on the horizon. Let’s hope the other Pro-EU politicians all over the old continent are more PR savvy!

Now, what can you learn from it for your business PR fights?

Same Is True For Business PR Battles

If you are slandered by your rivalry, don’t give in and return the courtesy the same way – just turn the focus on your accomplishments and focus on the positive aspects because people need reassurance and not ambiguity.

This is also the main motivation why I always suggest that entrepreneurs use public relations to send out business news out to mainstream media, because the more good news about your business are out there the more difficult it will be for your opponents to prevail with a smear crusade.

Set-up a strategy that will benefit your branding on a long run – as you may know “It takes years to build a good reputation and only minutes to destroy it” so don’t gamble with it and discover all DatSyn can do for you to help you.

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