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Boston Start-Up Entrepreneurs To Be Featured On Boston News Media

The Boston News Globe is looking for Boston-based entrepreneurs who like their story being featured on their news portal during August 2016. So they invited all start-up entrepreneurs in the Boston area to write down their story in a 600 words article and submit it to them using the DatSyn syndication tool. A board of editors will choose the 10 most inspiring stories and they will be featured during the month of August on the Boston News Globe portal to inspire other people who want to start an entrepreneurial journey.

All stories need to be submitted before July 31st, 2016 so our committee of editors can pick the 10 best stories. Reporters will contact those entrepreneurs for an interview with them which will then be featured on the news portal, so please don’t forget to add your contact information.

Now How To Proceed

Open an account with DatSyn here and submit your article which should have an article title and the content which should have around 600 words in length. But first, fill out your profile with your contact information and select a subscription. Then go to the menu and choose “article” and a form will appear. You just fill out the form, choose a category, copy/paste your article title and the content in the body. You can even add up to 3 backlinks. Add the meta tags and a meta description and submit to editor. Oops, hope you didn’t forget to add a picture of you or your business logo (size 640px x 480px) to your profile. Now you are good to submit your story to the editor.

The entrepreneurial spirit is important for our economy and more people need to get inspired to get started. Thanks to the Boston M.I.T. the city was always a hub for innovation and technology, but for this, all kind of entrepreneurs – online as well as offline are welcome.

By featuring those stories the hope is to inspire other people to take a similar path, but also to present new exciting businesses to the people of Boston. By featuring start-up’s in the Boston area and creating awareness the idea is to raise interest for young entrepreneurs and help them with their development by creating awareness.

Hopefully, lots of stories will fly in to boost the entrepreneurial spirit and start-ups in and around Boston.

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