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Renting a nice Apartment after Foreclosure!

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance…

At EZ lease we help people with bad credit and broken leases move into any apartment or rental property they like and can afford.

We guarantee approval for the apartment of your choice, in any area, as long as you have a job and no criminal record. We understand that millions of people across the country, especially after the economic downturn, have had financial and credit problems, even bankruptcies and foreclosures.

Your Privacy & Discretion Are Key
We regard your case with the utmost care and privacy. Only principals, landlords and decision makers will know about your situation and that you are using our program. If renting an apartment, we request the principals keep your situation confidential and that the onsite leasing staff does not know to ensure you are treated as any other resident and without any biases.

By purchasing the EZ Lease Rental Guaranty Insured Policy®, you are making the owner (not management company) of the rental property the sole beneficiary in the event you fail to pay as agreed to. The EZ Lease Rental Guaranty Insured Policy® is insured by Lloyds of London and Reinsured by Berkshire Hathaway. Claims are administered by TPA Risk, a third party administrator of insured warranty policies.

Our Second Chance program is unique and enables you to live in any apartment complex, not just the ones, that until now, you had to live in if you have bad credit.

Call Today! 713.568.8562 (Local) 1.855.568.8562 (Toll Free) APPLY NOW!

EZ Lease is different from the many companies you see advertising that they can help find you an apartment if you have bad credit. If you have contacted one of these companies you were probably told that after you paid a fee they would help you find a nice apartment in a nice area. What probably happened next was that you were told that they can’t find an apartment that will accept you or, you were given just a few choices of less desirable apartments that accept renters with bad credit.

Our Second Chance program guarantees you approval for any apartment in any area that you choose as long as you have a verifiable job making over $2,800 gross
monthly income, and no criminal record.

Call Today! 713.568.8562 (Local) 1.855.568.8562 (Toll Free) APPLY NOW!

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