Content Submission Guidelines for Successful Syndication

Information and Guidelines for Press Releases & Articles

Sample Press Release

  • Please make sure to fill up all required fields.
  • The following fields are required:
    • - Category
    • - Title
    • - Summary
    • - Contents
    • - About us
    • - Meta Keywords
    • - Meta Description
    • - All Contact Details
  • Please remember not to repeat the contents from about us and summary in the body contents.
  • Please refrain from adding date publication in the contents. This will be added automatically by the system.
  • Please remember that PR is NEWS, not Advertisements.
  • The maximum number of links you can add in Link Words is 3
  • Don't forget to add Meta tags (Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions)
  • Make sure the logo file does not exceed 1MB.
  • Please make sure the contact information is correct.


As one of the best press release wire services in the Internet, we receive lots of press releases and articles. Some of them are well written while others could use a few revisions. Mistakes such as inaccurate or false information, grammar errors, and the like, however, can hurt your credibility as well as ours.


Before submitting your press release or article, please take time to thoroughly check your content for errors. Here are some issues that you should be wary of:


  • Lack of Content—A lot of press releases or articles are not approved because they lack substantial or newsworthy content. You do not want the press release to be too long to be boring, but a short one could leave out important news or facts. A good rule of the thumb is to limit your press release to 300 to 500 words for PRs and around 600 to 800 words for articles.

  • All Upper-Case Characters—Do not submit a press releases or articles that are written in all upper-case characters because they are difficult to read. In addition, many readers find all-caps offensive; it would seem that the text is “screaming” at them. Similarly, the headline also should not feature all upper-case letters. Press releases, articles or headlines that are written entirely in upper-case characters are not accepted.

  • Grammatical Mistakes—Make sure you proofread your content before submitting it to iron out spelling, grammatical, and syntax errors. Because it is likely for you to miss errors while editing the article you yourself wrote, it would be best to let someone read and edit it for you. Our editors reserve the right to make spelling, grammatical, and syntax corrections and alterations to your submitted press release so it would meet publishing standards.

  • Advertising—Do not write your press release or article like an advertisement. If we feel you are trying to sell your product rather than provide news, we will reject your press release. Instead, compose a press release that is informative and interesting.

  • Bad Formatting—On occasion, strange characters or bad formatting can creep into your press release during the submission (copy and paste) process. Make sure your press release is formatted as you intended. No strange characters should be left in the copy.

  • Word Wrapping—We provide the editor, so let your sentences wrap naturally. Do not place a hard carriage return at the end of each line. Include a carriage return only at the end of each paragraph.

  • Copyright and Violations— strictly forbids the use of copyrighted material in any manner that violates the copyright owner’s rights. In cases where copyright is disputed, the disputed press release or article will be immediately removed without recourse or discussion, regardless of the arguments presented by the disputing parties. Authors should also know that there is noteworthy personal exposure if they are found in any violation of copyright laws. Individuals who violate copyright law are legally responsible and subject to probable fines.


    Before submitting your press release or article, make sure to run it through an online plagiarism checker to make sure you are not violating any copyright and that your article is totally original.


  • Links containing Malware In cases where a website or link contained in your publication is infected with Malware, the press release or article in question will be immediately removed without recourse or discussion.



We look forward to a long and successful future as your partner in press release and article distribution over the Internet.