How it Works

Step 1. Sign Up

sign up with datsyn

Using DATSYN is very easy. Sign up for a DatSyn account using your email address, your name and a Password that has 8 characters in total one of which must be an upper case and one must be numeric.

Wait for the confirmation email and that’s it. You are ready to go.

Step 2. Edit Profile

edit your profile on datsyn

Log in into your DatSyn account and take a few minutes to complete your profile. Keep in mind this is the Profile that will accompany each and every of your publications (unless you chose to change it for a specific article or PR) this data will remain saved to your profile and will lead your readers back to you.

Step 3. Work on PRs / Articles / Classified Ads

write articles

Now that you are all set it is time to work on your material. Choose what you would like to do next. Pick a PR or an Article and use the fields that are presented to you for guidance.

Make sure to include your backlinks in the assigned fields and also your keywords and meta description deserve serious consideration. Insert your content comfortably by copy/paste. Save your work as a draft or use the preview function to assess if you are ready for the next step – data syndication.

Step 4. Purchase Subscription

datsyn subscription

Now that you are happy with your content and ready to have it published you need to purchase a subscription. DatSyn offers monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscription periods. Once subscribed to a certain time period there is no limitation and you can publish to your heart’s content. The more content the merrier!

Step 5. Publish

publish content

That is it you are signed in, have purchased a subscription and your content is ready for publication. All you have to do now is click. – Voila all done.

Step 6. Lean Back and Enjoy the Stats

enjoy internet marketing

That is right have that cup, write another one.

Enslave your PC – Liberate your Creativity.