Using a New Marketing Partner Using a New Marketing Partner

Instant Loan No Credit Check, an online payday loan website, has begun working with a new marketing partner in hopes of surpassing their 2013 revenue growth.

August 06, 2014 ( - Recently, the website Instant Loan No Credit Check, a third party payday loan middle man website, has begun working with a marketing partner to expand their potential user base. Their first course of action was to bring the website up to current FCC Compliance standards which were changed late 2013 in order to protect the consumer from payday loan sharks and exorbitant fees and loan percentage rates. This was both to protect the company as well as expand their network of potential payday loan provider partners who require complete FCC compliance. One of the biggest challenges was the fact that the company name implies “No Credit Check” when, in fact, all payday loans in 2014 and on requires a credit check on the consumer. It was discovered, however, that you can have the URL and title of the company as the medium for a consumer to learn about a company, however, you simply cannot state in the application process that your credit will not be checked.

Moving forward, the company intends to extend its Search Engine Optimization efforts in order to enable more consumers to find their service when searching for payday loan related terms. That includes enhancing the content on the website to explain the application process in clear and concise vernacular. They hope to stand out from the competition who may not be in compliance with FCC standards and may tend to trick or deceive the consumer into applying for a loan that might not be optimal for them in order to increase their commission on the loan. As an additional part of the future marketing plan, the website’s meta content will be rewritten in order to follow modern practices recommended by the major Search Engines such as Google and Bing.

Finally, the company is in discussion to begin a social networking campaign targeting people who may not necessarily realize that they can easily apply online for a payday loan, instead, rely on brick-and-mortar companies for their financial needs. While those types of companies are legitimate and compliant, they may not be as convenient as a 3-minute online application with high approval rates.

The partnership’s primary goal is to increase revenue based on loan application commissions by means of getting more visits to their newly renovated and compliant website. In this way, the partnership will be mutually beneficial as the agreed upon compensation for marketing is a share of the increased revenues brought to

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Instant Loan No Credit Check provides the medium in which consumers looking for an online payday loan can search for, find, and apply for an online loan which can offer quick cash in the bank for financial emergencies. They are not a lender nor do they provide any financial services themselves, rather, they exist to match up the consumer with the company who will be providing the loan for a commission of the loan.

For more information, you may visit their website at or by searching for relevant online payday loan terms in popular search engine providers.


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