Ian Andrews Announces New Technology in Doors Will Cut Down Crimes Severely

Ian Andrews Announces New Technology in Doors Will Cut Down Crimes Severely

Fraud specialist Ian Andrews announces new technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

June 17, 2016 ( datsyn.com) - We have seen doors change over time and they aren’t the same pure wood doors that were in your grandparents house in the early 30’s. Doors have undergone many different upgrades to provide security, such as placing a steel panel inside a wooden door to make it all the more indestructible, reinforcing steel doors with bullet proof glass, placing motion detectors and cameras near automated sliding doors and so much more.

According to Ian Andrews, fraud specialist, recent technology soon to be implemented in the doors of the future is going to add to their durability, making it impossible to break the door as it will be made of carbon fiber, a material said to be over 20 times stronger than steel and titanium. Doors that require physical contact will have the handles and push bars replaced by those built in with fingerprint scanners which will sync with the system database to tell information about the one who pushes or pulls the door.

“It’s sad that times have gotten to this point in crime that we feel like in order to keep order in society, we must to go such extremes as reading fingerprints with everyone who touches the door handle and making indestructible doors. These are the times we live in,” said Ian Andrews.

It’s unsure to say how effective these security upgrades will be whereas Ian Andrews is highly positive these improvements will cut down crimes severely.

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Ian Andrews holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Homeland Security and has been working closely with crime experts for nearly 35 years. 


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