New Jersey Family Court In Camden Allowed LEGAL Lynching

New Jersey Family Court In Camden Allowed LEGAL Lynching

Towards Rymir Satterthwatie and Lillie Coley from Shawn Carter's Jay-Z Family Court Attorney Who Gave False Statement Since 2012 to Present With Courts Full Knowledge.

February 13, 2017 ( - Jay Z's New Jersey Family Attorney Lise Fisher of  Michael Fingermann Law firm Is Considered a "Motion Whore" by Court Staff for filing so many motions to obtain money from Carter during strategic times of the year, and the Motions filed according to sources at court had no legal basis, and it really was legal lynching. However it was allowed since Rymir is a young black man, and it appears that others were benefiting also.

Rymir's Paternity Rights Has Been in New Jersey Since 2011(custody) and in 2012 PA relinquished all their authority of his Paternity, So What is New Jersey Doing?   PA Judge Doris Peckhrow, says, "What is going on in NJ? & Tells Coley, "Get A Competent Lawyer" on February 13, 2015 See Transcript Page 12 Lines 13-20(PA Court Transcript PDF page 41).   This same PA Judge Tells New Jersey Multiple Times in Orders(Documents) and memos in 2012 and 2015 that Rymir's Paternity Rights Are In New Jersey, So Stop Allowing Carter to Block Him!!! Judge Peckhrow is praise by family for always doing what was in best interest of Rymir, but the question remains, Why is New Jersey Seeking to Cover Up/ for Shawn Carter aka Jay Z, and why is he running from the law in NY Where Allege Sex Acts Occurred with the Minor, Wanda Satterthwaite in 1992? New Jersey Family Court  is not only helping Jay Z they are helping themselves to his money as Attorney Lise Fisher is considered by sources as a Motion Whore which is someone who keeps things going to keep the money train coming.  Reports already state that her husband in the Philadelphia defense team was begging her to knock it off, that is the allege fraud which started in 2012 (see transcript of fraud).

This by far is the paternity case of the century, never seen anything like this before. Stay tune because there is more to come, we're sure of that.

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In cases that NO crimes have been committed, there SHOULDN'T be a Court, Judges, or Lawyers involved.

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