Dr. Jen Welter First Woman NFL Coach inks an Endorsement Deal with Power Plus Mouthguard

Dr. Jen Welter First Woman NFL Coach inks an Endorsement Deal with Power Plus Mouthguard

The two companies have signed a Branding and Marketing Deal

November 02, 2017 ( datsyn.com) - Dr. Jen Welter is really Playing Big this year! She is taking it to another level.

Dr.  Jen Welter, the first female NFL Coach signed her first endorsement deal with Power Plus Mouthguards. The mouth guard created by Dr. Michael Hutchison is the result of result of 15 years of intensive research into Physiologic Jaw positioning. The PowerPlus Mouthguard system allows you to measure the degree of anatomical deficiency in your unique jaw position and will correct that deficiency with the patented combination design. When the PowerPlus Mouthguard is installed correctly, your jaw joint will be in the optimum “Physiologic jaw” position, providing maximum strength output, endurance, performance and safety against concussive G-Force Trauma to the brain. In addition, its innovative lower jaw positioning allows for increased oxygen intake and normal speaking ability found in no other mouth guard on the market today.

Dr. Jen’s influence and credibility will market and be a great contribution to the brand.  This innovative mouth guard is perfect for Professional Football Players, Athletes Male and female, from youth level to professional level all around the world.

Dr. Welter is committed and will be marketed to making the world a better place especially in the world of sports. On a slow day, you may see her on the field with athletes, speaking in front of a sports organization as well as signing autographs for her new book “Play Big”. Coach Jen takes her business very seriously.  “Anything I can do to help the sport or the athlete I will take a part in.” Dr. Jen states “It’s a fantastic opportunity to have my first endorsement deal, I look forward to working with Dr. Hutchison and Power Plus Mouthguard. When I was able to read some of the testimonials from parents and coaches who utilize this mouthguard in comparison to other mouthguards on the market I wanted to get involved.

Dr. Hutchinson states: “PowerPlus Mouthguard is very excited to have such a knowledgeable and passionate person such as Dr. Jen Welter promoting this important new discovery in performance and safety. She has continued to be an innovator and a well sought after source for improving sports and has been such a positive influence in everything she has been involved in. It is our combined goal to have a Power Plus Mouthguard on every athlete that participates in sports. With Dr. Jen Welter voice supporting us I believe we can make this happen. PowerUp with PowerPlus!”

Go to www.powerplusmouthguard.com and type in code DR JEN

About Us:

Etched in the record books as the First Female Coach in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals and breaking a nearly impossible physical barrier in the history of modern day sports, Coach Jen Welter is the first women to play running back in a men's professional football season. Upon finishing her glass-ceiling shattering season in men's professional football, Coach Jen broke yet another barrier in the sport commonly referred to as the final frontier for women in sports, by becoming the first female coach of a professional football team and then the NFL as a Linebackers Coach.

Following the NFL, Welter became the Head Coach of the First Australian Women's National Team fielded in July 2017; while simultaneously extending her commitment to diversity, inclusion, and overcoming barriers by designing programs to increase access to football opportunities for women and girls, becoming a world renowned motivational speaker, joining the advisory board of the Pro Football HOF's Game for Life Academy, and writing her first book Play Big, Lessons in Living Limitless from the First Woman to Coach in the NFL (available for presale now, on shelves 10/3).

Prior to joining the men's game, Coach Jen had an amazing career in women's football which included 2 Gold Medals with Team USA, 4 World Championships (Super Bowl for Women), and 8 All-Star selections. While playing football, Dr. Jen obtained her PhD in Psychology, and a Masters in Sport Psychology. Dr. Jen also have a BS in Business from Boston College.

Coach Jen's message has been widely acclaimed and well received on worldwide platforms that speak to audiences from global enterprising companies, top performing schools, brand nonprofits, top ranked performance enhancement facilities and professional sports teams.

Coach Jen Welter displays initiative and a sincere heart becoming personally involved with the organizations she supports.


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