The Best Traktor Pro Tutorial For Beginners Who Want To Fast Track Their Career

The Best Traktor Pro Tutorial For Beginners Who Want To Fast Track Their Career

The famous DJing website TJDC launched a new Traktor Pro tutorial course with everything DJs need to know to start using it like a pro and fast track their careers.

June 02, 2018 ( - The famous TJDC website launched a new Traktor tutorial with everything DJs need to know to start using the software like a pro and be ready to play paid gigs around the world in a matter of weeks.

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The TJDC is a DJing website where famous DJ and club owner DanoEF shares the knowledge, tricks and skills he acquired throughout his 15 year career with all the DJs who are starting out and looking to fast track their careers.

To help amateur and more experienced DJs be ready to play paid gigs around the world in a matter of weeks, the website has just launched a new online course with everything one needs to know to DJ with Traktor just like a pro.

The step by step tutorial shows how to set up the gear, work with the software and the controller and load or organize the tracks, explains the mixing and the use of effects, EQs or beat matching, and even goes into detail on how to mix in key.

It basically provides every DJ with a quicker, less stressful way to understand and master all the aspects of the software and the controller, get the most out of its features and start using it confidently on paid gigs, than going through the 349 page manual over and over again.

The whole course is provided in HD video format with voice overs that people can follow anywhere, at any time, ongoing email support for those who get stuck at any point in the course, and even an eBook version free of charge for those who prefer to have it written down.

The DJ DanoEF, explains "I'm always thinking I wish I had all the knowledge that I collected through trial and error, back when I started, in a compact, comprehensive tutorial. It would've saved me years. So I figured, why not make one now for others who are starting out."

To get this new Traktor Pro tutorial course and see everything it shares to help DJs master the software and speed up their career, the public can visit the TJDC website at the link provided above.

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