Dive Key West Florida reefs & wrecks with ScubaSchedules website, now booking best scuba trips

Dive Key West Florida reefs & wrecks with ScubaSchedules website, now booking best scuba trips

Scuba Schedules makes booking dives in Key West Florida much easier with its enhanced booking facility for Key West Florida dive sites. More information can be found at http://ScubaSchedules.com

June 07, 2018 ( datsyn.com) - Scuba Schedules enhances coverage of dive charter schedules available for Diving Key West Florida. Launched during last year's scuba season, the site was in development for 12 months. The aim of this latest enhancement is to make diving Key West Florida's dive sites much easier to reserve and book Florida Keys scuba dive trips.

Now the best scuba diving trips out of Key West, Florida are available for divers to easily book online. By providing up to date dive charter information, divers can find and even reserve or book dive trips for as soon as the next day. This was accomplished by bridging the gap and embedding calendars from booking agencies like Fare Harbor and Peek Pro, which are popular with dive boat charter agencies.

Marc Burke, Owner/Founder at ScubaSchedules.com, says: "We wanted to enhance the visibility and ease of booking dives in Key West Florida. Most divers already know how most dive trip operators and charters have their own sites and leave it to divers to surf endlessly from one to the other. We felt this was a problem because divers typically have a difficult time finding the best dive sites in Key West that are currently available and serviced by charters that match their interest and diving ability."

Putting all the charter dives on one website makes diving Key West Florida so much easier. Scuba Schedules provides all of the required information for Key West divers to book the best dive trips in Florida. Dive site descriptions are available for dive charters serviced by Key West FL dive operators as well as listings of planned a month or more into the future. Scuba Schedules chose to add their Key West diving calendar because planning dive trips, especially for quick get-away dive trips is often a difficult task.

"We want to give our customers the convenience of visiting ScubaSchedules.com to confidently reserve or book dive trips online by finding all of the required dive site information and dive charter operators with scheduled dive trips," says Burke. "With Scuba Schedule's enhanced Florida Keys diving trips, divers have more options. By seeing all the available charters, they will feel that they have made a knowledgeable and well informed selection of the best scheduled and currently available dive charters."

Scuba Schedules has been in business for 2 Years, with the beta version going live in spring 2016. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to make it easier for scuba divers to easily find and book dive trips online for as soon as the following day.

Scuba Schedules can be found at: ScubaSchedules.com. To find out more about diving and booking trips in the Florida Keys and Key West area visit: scubaschedules.com/lower-florida-keys-scuba-diving-calendar/

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