Celebrating 20 Years of Sojourn in Financial Planning

Celebrating 20 Years of Sojourn in Financial Planning

This year, Vector Wealth Management is celebrating 20 years of Sojourn, their custom designed wealth management application and client experience.

August 16, 2018 ( datsyn.com) - Minneapolis, MN – Vector Wealth has refined their wealth management and financial modeling application over the last two decades in order to give clients greater confidence and understanding around their financial lives.

“Sojourn helps us communicate clearly to clients how the assets they have worked so hard to build can now best work for them,” says Thomas Fee, the Principal and Managing Partner of Vector Wealth Management. “Our job is to present information that allows those we serve to make better decisions about their finances. Common sense and experience has shown us that our clients make better decisions when we present their financial lives to them in a clear and understandable fashion. We can do this because of Sojourn.”

Fee founded Vector Wealth Management in 1993 as an alternative to financial firms that benefited from commission-only structures. The firm takes a fiduciary, fee only approach, putting clients’ best interests first. Vector Wealth Management began developing the financial application software in 1998 to better serve clients.

Sojourn is a proprietary system that allows customization of financial strategies based on how each client wants to live their financial life and presents the information visually in a very understandable way.

“Over the last 20 years, Sojourn has served our clients well through two of the worse market downturns of the last 90 years,” says Fee. “None of our clients spend the same in their 60’s as they do in their 80’s and Sojourn does a great job of enlightening them around this concept of non-linear spending. It allows us to help our clients be stewards of their assets while at the same time get today right.”

About Us:

Vector Wealth Management (www.vectorwealth.com) was founded in 1993 as a fiduciary wealth management firm. It’s headquartered in Minneapolis, MN with offices in Bloomington, MN and Chicago, IL. As a fiduciary, Vector Wealth Management believes that there should be no conflict of interest between the client and the firm. For moreinformation on asset management, please contact Tom Fee by phone or e-mail.

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