Fall Is Here - Plant Trees, Prune Trees, Deep Root Fertilization Time

Fall Is Here - Plant Trees, Prune Trees, Deep Root Fertilization Time

Fall is here and cooler fall weather sends trees into dormancy and is the best time for pruning, deep root fertilization, and new tree planting in preparation for next spring.

October 05, 2018 ( datsyn.com) - As the fall season rolls around, the weather cools, leaves fall, and trees enter their dormancy. Cooler weather also brings a lessening of insect activity. During this season, there are certain things homeowners and commercial establishments can and should do if they want to proactively manage the health of trees and shrubs on their properties.

During dormancy, it is a good time to prune trees. It is time to get rid of weak and damaged limbs and focus on improving a tree's structural strength. By removing the weakest limbs, nutrient reserves will serve only the remaining strongest limbs when spring returns. Pruning can be dangerous, particularly for higher tree limbs or for trees near power lines. It is best to hire a professional for safety.

Deep root fertilization is applied during the fall. This releases mineral nutrients necessary for shrub and tree health. These nutrients are stored in the root system over winter, to be available for spring growth. Also, because it is deep root, rather than surface, fertilization, it does not adversely affect ground vegetation.

Healthier trees are more resistant to disease and insects, so both pruning and fertilizing trees and shrubs in the fall helps insure their health in the upcoming spring.

Finally, fall is a good time to plant trees. Newly planted trees have time to establish their root systems before spring. It might be that houses, businesses, or malls are built during the spring and summer months. Now that construction is finished and fall has arrived, it is the time to plant trees. It is better to plant them in the fall, than wait for the next spring or summer.

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