Get The Best Diamond Bar Local SEO Optimization Digital Marketing Solutions

Get The Best Diamond Bar Local SEO Optimization Digital Marketing Solutions

iMedia Mason, a Diamond Bar based company, specialized in internet marketing SEO strategies, updated its services to get local businesses in the highest possible position of a search results page.

November 11, 2018 ( - iMedia Mason, an internet marketing company based in Diamond Bar, California, launched an updated range of marketing SEO services for clients who want to become more visible on Google search results and get more web traffic. The company uses a new SEO media strategy to get small businesses ranking in the top position on Google ranking at very affordable prices.

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As Google algorithms change continually with over 500 factors determining the result of a search, adapting the SEO strategy to the latest developments has become crucial.

iMedia Mason is a transparent, cost-effective alternative to traditional SEO services for businesses with actual physical locations that want to build their presence locally. The company creates or manages a client's entire Internet marketing strategy to drive more customers to their business than any other online source by utilizing a unique local SEO strategy which includes a mobile application specifically designed for each client's business.

The strategies used by iMedia Mason go far beyond the standard practices utilized by most Internet marketing agencies to increase traffic to local businesses. The company combines search engine optimization with the power of social media, email and mobile marketing to place a company's digital presence in the highest possible position of a search results page.

Their SEO media strategy leverages the company's relationship with over 400 partner mainstream media outlets, provides High Authority Links for delivering more traffic, and also generates Niche Guest Post. In addition, clients are able to track all the Local Search Engine Optimization work completed by iMedia Mason experts, including selected keywords with ranking, analytics and many more.

A satisfied client said: "iMedia Mason has delivered on their local SEO services. Oscar provided me with clear communication and monthly reports. He was efficient and passionate about driving more traffic to my website. They are best local SEO services in town and I highly recommend iMedia Mason!"

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About Us:

As an Internet Marketing Company, we understand which SEO Strategies work, and which do not. We strive to provide the best Internet Marketing Service possible with the idea that we do all the work while our clients gain all the benefits.

Many Internet Marketing Services utilize hundreds of different tactics in their SEO strategies to drive rankings. They use tactics that have very little if any affects on rankings. Their goal is to be able to deliver reports to their clients reflecting all of the work they are doing. Re-assuring their clients that they are working hard at all the different tasks needed to provide a good SEO Strategy.

So as-long-as the client see’s that work is being done, they will agree to continue to pay for the services, even though there are no real results. But the truth is that many of these Internet marketing strategies do not work and are in fact a waste of time.

In this one example, strategies for small business. Most, if not all, Internet marketing companies use keyword tools to do their keyword research, tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush. Now, keep in mind that Google generates 97% of their revenue from Google Ads (pay-per-clicks). They keep their search algorithm a secret because they do not want agencies to figure out their algorithm. Because if they did, this would take away most of their revenue. And trust me there are plenty out there trying to figure it out, I’ve met a few of them. Besides that, Google is really trying to deliver good search results and that takes a complex algorithm.

Bottom line, Internet marketing companies are trying all sorts of tactics to get ranking for their clients. Here are some basic SEO Strategies that most Internet Marketing Services use.


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