Best IOS Wireless Kid Tracker Bracelets To Wear In Crowded, Jam Packed Places

Best IOS Wireless Kid Tracker Bracelets To Wear In Crowded, Jam Packed Places

The popular Protection Bay store is offering a new range of wireless trackers and concealed personal alarms that can keep the children safe and nearby at all times.

November 15, 2018 ( - The famous Protection Bay store has a new range of wireless child trackers, alarms and locators that parents can use to make sure their kids are safe and close by when going through crowded, jam-packed places.

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The Protection Bay is the award winning online store most families and homeowners are turning to when they need high quality personal protection, home safety or surveillance gear at great prices.

For everyone who worries about their kids wondering away or getting lost in crowded, jam-packed places, the store has a new line of child trackers and alarms that can keep them safe and close by at all times.

These trackers include wireless wristbands with a button the child can press to alert the adults accompanying them when they're lost or in trouble and which sound an alarm directly on the parent's phone if the child goes outside of a set distance.

For added convenience and peace of mind, these wristbands are all really easy to use and set up on the IPhone, comfy and stylish to wear while out and about and also useful to keep track of a pet and important belongings like the laptop or a purse.

And the collection includes fashionable pink, purple or white fur ball buzzers the children can wear on their wrist or attach to a bag, a backpack or a purse and which activate a 100db alarm by just pulling out a pin.

A wide range of other personal alarms concealed in lipsticks or keychains which activate loud alarms and flashing lights when a child, a teen or an elderly loved one feels like they might be in trouble are also available.

As with all their other personal protection and home safety products, these new child trackers, locators and alarms are sold with the batteries and at prices that any parent can actually afford.

To see all these new child locators and personal alarms the Protection Bay has in store or check all the other self-defense and home surveillance gear they offer, the public can go to their website at the link provided above.

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