Another Tool indicating that School Can Be Fun

Another Tool indicating that School Can Be Fun

Dr. Vit Skala, founder of the project School Can Be Fun, announced that he's published an e-book "School Can Be Fun: Step in a New Perspective of Your Life". This book for high school and college students is based on personal experience of this father of two young adults, who himself successfully studied two different universities and got Ph.D. in his forties.

October 01, 2015 ( - “There are many students around the world that are depressed due to the very high expectations placed on them to succeed and the amount of competition among students,” said Skala. “This e-book in simple and friendly form shows the way to a successful life.”

More than 2,000 students from 110 different countries already participate in Skala’s online courses and just published e-book is another way how to help others.

“The author has been writing this book with a sincere desire and effort to make the world better place to live.” wrote Lucie Skala, a wife of Dr. Skala, in here preface to the e-book and she continues: “I wish this book helps its readers to look beneath the surface of things, to recognize substantive and helping them to experience the inner peace and positive outlook on their future during their study period, no matter how long it is.”

Contrary to many other similar books about an effective study, students habits, positive attitude to life this book bring comprehensive approach based on own pyramid approach.

When you understand your value and purpose, you can easily find the field you should focus on during your study. It is a fundament for strong long-term motivation. You can add some other motivators and together with appropriate time-management the proofed study techniques will be helpful tools in your hands. It is a small taste of a philosophy of the book. The environment can support students in their growth or can hinder them to move on.

In the first chapters, readers can explore themselves a little bit by leading to online test discovering individual learning style and strong and weak parts of reader’s natural abilities. It continues with explaining the meaning of goal setting and how to set the goal a one would like to fulfill. The reader will understand a difference between long-term and short-term goals, will be able to save time by maintaining priorities and avoiding distractions. Effective study techniques are described at the end of the book as well as methods of facing to huge challenges. In the comprehensive book, a chapter about healthy lifestyle cannot be missed.

The book is available for all Kindle devices. It can be read on almost every smartphone. Good reading for travels to and from school, short free time slots or for night reading in bed before getting sleep.

About Us:

The project School Can Be Fun consists of four online courses:

How To Study Effectively” the first online course focused mostly on high school students. Basic study skills are introduced in this course by means of short funny animated videos.

Boost Your Study Skills: Learn Deeper Learningis focusing more on college students. It explains smart reading methods, effective using of the deep web, and advanced methods of note taking.

Motivate Your Teenager to Study Effectively” is a curriculum for fathers who want their teens to excel in school and life. Skala utilizes his extensive educational and professional expertise to help fathers guide and motivate their teens in academics, personal discipline and discovering their special gifts for success.

Hooray for the Holidays” is not about school but about effective holiday time. Many practical tips presented by modern video technique are in this course. It can save students money, time and avoid bad experiences.

Newly published e-book “School Can Be Fun: Step in a New Perspective of Your Life” and online virtual game “Help Emily”.

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Dr. Vit Skala is the founder of School Can Be Fun, an online learning center and resource designed to help students succeed. Skala is a highly sought public speaker, facilitator, coach, trainer and teacher with more than 20 years of experience working with youngsters of all ages with health diseases and emotional issues. He’s studied at universities in Brno, Prague and Vancouver. Skala has taught at Charles University in Prague, along with numerous courses on time and project management. He is a doctor of public and social policy with certification in education and coaching. School Can Be Fun maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.


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Country: Czech Republic
Contact No.: +420 603 584 550