Gina Gomez Named Contributor for Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling

Gina Gomez Named Contributor for Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling

Dating the Workplace Debuts as First Article

April 22, 2014 ( - Gina Gomez,  Founder of What Moves You Coaching has been named a contributor to Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling (SOTGS).  Gina is a Business and Certified Life Coach specializing in strategy and people in transition. SOTGS is a global forum and community dedicated to empower and support women named by Forbes “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” list.

Marney Reid, founder of Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling, stated, “It is a pleasure to introduce our newest member of the contributor family, Ms. Gina Gomez.  Given her expertise I feel she will be a great addition to help empower and support our community.”

After building a successful career in corporate America as a Vice President of Sales for a major health care corporation, Gina used her results-oriented business philosophy and knack for developing relationships to help others achieve and exceed their professional and personal goals and live up to their true potential.  She has coached talent and professionals in the entertainment industry, corporate executives, small-business owners, artists, teachers, high school and college students, parents, couples, and other life coaches.

Gina Gomez stated, “I am thrilled to have an opportunity to use what I’ve learned to help others find what really moves them and encourage them to go for it. Everyone should have the life and career they truly want.  I am thankful to Marney Reid to have the honor of being a contributor to SOTGS.”

Gina Gomez first article is entitled, “Dating the Workplace” which chronicles her journey to find her own purpose as a Business and Certified Life Coach.  In the article, she humorously looks at her career as a series of relationships, breakups and finding “the one”.    

Dating the Workplace is located on the SOTGS website.   For more information on What Moves You Coaching  please read her blog and for more information on SOTGC please visit their site.

About Us:

Whether you’re looking to find your purpose or just a passion that lights you up every day and you’ve already got the job you want, What Moves You Coaching helps you find that thing.  At the foundation of the company is the belief that everyone has a purpose.  A purpose is something you uniquely do or feel called to do in a way that’s different and better than anyone else.  Now, finding your purpose or passion is another story. Sometimes we find we are really good at something, but don’t necessarily have a drive for it.  This is what Gina Gomez has a track record for, pushing people who’ve already tried everything to that new level that they need in order to finally move forward.

 About Stillettos On The Glass Ceiling

Stillettos On The Glass Ceiling ( SOTGC ) was  created by entrepreneur Marney Reid.  She is also the Founder of: which is a career advancement website.  SOTGC was created to empower, support, and promote women.   Marney looked and realized that most of her female friends were in the “Alpha Male Game.”  They were surgeons, lawyers, VPs and Directors of mid-sized companies…but they weren’t the stereotypical woman that “shatters the glass ceiling.”  We all wear sparkly accessories, we love our stilettos, we tease each other like siblings and we ALWAYS step in during a time of need and rally around each other for support.  We are women who have dreams, goals, drive, and courage. SOTGC is now on the “Forbes Top 100 Websites for Your Career” list.


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